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We are an organizing firm, with emphasis on organizing because we believe that scaling grassroots, person-to-person conversations is one of the most effective methods to impact an effort. We know this because we've built the largest organizing programs in recent Democratic history, and won.

Our firm was founded by Kurt Bagley, National Organizing Director for President Biden's 2020 campaign, and our team is composed of organizing experts from the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign. We believe that your mission is a BFD, and our mission is to help you achieve success.



Our strategists are uniquely experienced to help you develop your strategy from the outset, optimize existing efforts, and help you adapt to the inevitable changes.


We work with our clients to put paid organizing and canvass staff on the ground to have face-to-face conversations and get results.


Using innovative online tools, we activate our client’s supporters, build online communities, and reach new people through personal networks.

Every program is unique and should be tailored to the desired outcome. No matter your goal or objective, we’re ready to help you think big and win.